Softening plants

  • Used in all open cooling systems
  • Water analysis forms the basis for product selection
  • Size depends on the amount of make-up water required

  • Components such as the blending armature, salt dissolving tank, ion exchanger system are usually installed individually in the plants at a suitable location; the function is independent of the rest of the cooling system
  • If the installation is made in a drinking water pipe, the installation of a tested system separator is mandatory (if not already present)

Water is a vital part of the entire cooling system as a cooling medium in cooling water circuits. The available input qualities, requirements based on the type of cooling system and the operating conditions can differ greatly.

The system design (type of circuit, materials used) and the operating parameters (temperatures, pressures), the necessary components of an effective water treatment system must be determined based on an analysis of the ingredients of the available water.

Water treatment includes the control and treatment of make-up water and recirculated water. Essential parameters are pH value, carbonate and total hardness, electrical conductivity, and the number of colony-forming units (cfu).