MULTI Kühlsysteme

Spare parts / Modernisation

Multi Kühlsysteme offers to all devices and equipment the supply of spare parts. For essential components a high availability is secured in no time. Based on the BOM of the supplied instruction manual, the customer is able to appoint the demand independently.

Spare parts / Modernisation

For large installations or plant-specific components, we recommend to building up a specific spare part stock to ensure system availability at all times. Based on many years of experience and evaluation of numerous maintenances, our engineers are able to provide our customers upon request budget recommendations for storage concepts and spare parts management.

On request, we can help you in setting up a consignment store.

After prolonged usage, it may be necessary to replace certain components preventively or because of risk of failure. Multi Kühlsysteme offers a comprehensive repair service for this purpose. Usually, the recording of the demand is made by an on-site consultation between the customer and a technician from Multi Kühlsysteme. On this basis a repair offer is created and agreed by contract.

As a result of technological progress or changing legal framework conditions, the installations and equipment are subject to a certain pressure to modernize. To ensure a high availability, best efficiency and good environmental compatibility Multi Kühlsysteme provides concepts to ensure that the operation over a long period at the required level.