MULTI Kühlsysteme

MULTI Kühlsysteme: Maintenance / Service

The provided customized instruction manual by Multi Kühlsysteme includes extensive information for a permanently reliable operation of installations and equipment by regular maintenance. The included maintenance schedules are set up so that the customer can perform the work autonomously with appropriately trained and qualified personnel.

In the field of maintenance of water treatment in cooling water systems specialized knowledge of water chemistry and in dealing with dosing agents are required.

For the review of refrigeration units (for example, the statutory leakage test) technical knowledge is necessary, which must be demonstrated by equivalent qualifications.

As a service Multi Kühlsysteme provides to all supplied devices and systems a holistic maintenance. This can be done by one-off offered and performed service or by agreed long-term maintenance contracts. Our experienced service technicians check the installation for any errors or irregularities, clean the system components and check the operating parameters.

Usually, a freshening training of the operating personnel is carried out to compensate information loss through personnel changes.

The maintenance by Multi Kühlsysteme offers the customer a short, direct contact with the equipment suppliers and thus the possibility to respond quickly to changes in the production process and resulting adjustments.

Multi Kühlsysteme also offers solutions for the computer-based remote maintenance of cooling water systems.

Many years of operating experience under very harsh conditions confirm that the installations and equipment by Multi Kühlsysteme are absolutely robust, highly available and highly durable.