MULTI Kühlsysteme

Cooling system in modular design

Cooling system in modular design
Cooling system in modular design
Cooling system in modular design

Applications and characteristics

Cooling system in modular design
  • Industrial applications in all common industries
  • Operation with water (for open systems) or water-glycol-mixture (for closed systems)
  • Mostly for inside installation (frost- and weather protection)
  • Design also as heat exchanger module with plate heat exchanger for separation in „polluted“ and „clean“ circuits for highest cooling water requirements
  • Convenient for renewal of cooling systems by integration in short time
  • Flexible
  • Favourable concept for export: Cooling equipment and cooling water module delivered as factory-tested system components ready for installation on site; on site only connecting pipes and cables need to be installed
  • Possibilities on site must be guaranteed


  • Base frame with anti-corrosion coating
  • Intermediate tank or buffer tank
  • Pumps
  • Cooling water filter
  • Water treatment
  • Various fittings
  • Piping made from plastic (PE, PVC), carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Control cabinet with complete control system incl. PLC
  • Internal wiring of all measuring points and consumers

Mode of action

Important components of the complete cooling water system are the re-cooling unit (cooling tower, chiller, dry coolers), the cooling water pump module, buffer tank, piping and fittings. Integrated filters and water treatment technology guarantee the required water quality. The flawless, need-based functionality of the overall system and for ensuring a user-friendly and effective intercourse with the cooling system require the continuous measurement of key operational data and the linking of all parameters in a computer-guided measuring and control system.

Multi Kühlsysteme uses Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with touch panel as user interface. Consumer, re-cooling unit and cooling water module connected by pipes.

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