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Open stainless steel cooling towers KD

Open stainless steel cooling towers KD
Open stainless steel cooling towers KD
Open stainless steel cooling towers KD

Applications and characteristics

  • Industrial applications in all common industries and building technology
  • For inside and outside installation
  • Water inlet temperature to 75°C
  • Cooling water temperatures depend on ambient air temperatures and -humidity customizable by speed control of the fans
  • Operation with pure water (without glycol)
  • Design for best utilization of floor space
  • Modular design allows maximum adaption to all required performances
  • High-effective silencers available
  • Easy maintenance
  • Special designs available


  • Stainless steel housing
  • Low-noise by pressure side centrifugal fans in stainless steel construction
  • Air is "pressed" through the cooling tower
  • Water distribution by stainless steel pipes
  • Pollution secured plastic spray nozzles
  • Wet deck as high-efficient foil fillers made of polypropylene
  • High-quality three-phase asynchronous motors according to IEC 34-1 with aluminium die-cast housing
  • Motors with 2 speeds or with 1 speed for operation with frequency converter for power control

V-belt pulleys made of cast steel with locking bushes for easy exchange

Mode of action

The (evaporative) cooling tower is a wet water / air heat exchanger. In the open cooling tower the water to be cooled is brought into direct contact with the air. In this, usually in countercurrent flow extending operation, the down-flowing water emits heat to the rising air by evaporation and convection. In the cooling tower the water is evenly distributed by nozzles over trickling material (fillers).

Due to the evaporation process water losses arise. These losses must be supplied to the circuit at a suitable point.