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Chiller for inside installation

Chiller for inside installation
Chiller for inside installation
Chiller for inside installation

Applications and characteristics

Chiller for inside installation
  • For inside installation suitable (with adequate ventilation for the condenser)
  • Operation with water without glycol possible
  • Suitable for high water inlet temperatures (over 30°C)
  • Maximum ambient temperature +35°C
  • Very constant cooling water temperatures regardless of the ambient air condition
  • Robust industrial application
  • Ideal as an add-on device for machinery and equipment with small and medium heat load (welding and soldering machines, laser)
  • For cooling systems that operate in an atmospheric open cold water single circuit system


  • Air-cooled refrigerant aggregate
  • CFC-free refrigerant R407C
  • Evaporator as plate heat exchanger
  • Plastic tank with water level indicator
  • Integrated pump
  • Control cabinet with microprocessor controlled temperature controller with digital display
  • Monitoring equipment for refrigeration and cooling water circuit
  • Housing powder coated RAL 7035 (light grey); Special colours on request

Mode of action

Chillers are complete compact refrigeration units for cooling of liquids in the circuit. In general, the liquids are water or water with additives (glycol), which are designated as refrigeration carriers because of the function.

A chiller primarily consists of a hydraulic part and a refrigeration part.
By the hydraulic components, heat is transported from heat-producing devices or systems by the flow of refrigerant through the applications to be cooled.

In a chiller as cooling unit is the heat exchanger of the re-cooler a refrigerant evaporator. By this, temperatures between +5°C to +25°C can be achieved. In the course of the evaporation process of the liquid refrigerant the absorbed heat is dissipated by the condenser of the chiller (usually to the ambient air).

A cycle cooling is realized without the loss of refrigerant. The advantage of a chiller consists next to the water resource-saving feature that for the application to be cooled conditions are always constant.